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Newly published • September, 2006 release date: Leaving New Buffalo Commune

Journals from a Taos Commune    
New Buffalo, Journals from a Taos Commune

published by The University of New Mexico Press
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Art Kopecky

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Art Kopecky, advocate for the Peaceful Revolution, and author of New Buffalo, Journals from a Taos Commune and Leaving New Buffalo Commune is available for speaking and performing engagements. His desire is to share the story of his and his fellow communards life during the 60's and 70's. He believes there is a lot to learn, which applies to our society now. Is this a precursor to what is to come? Will this life style be coming back, but improved, having learned from the past? What draws us together? How do we live to be free, with spirit and joy. This is a HUGE idea, which goes far beyond Republican or Democrat, communism or pumping up the economy. This is how to get to equality, share the wealth, show ourselves the beauty of living with less, and in harmony with nature and humanity.

From The New Buffalo Journals:

In the spirit of the one-world family, friends, acquaintances, people on the road were living together. There was a magic to it, and I found a group of people that became my new family.
At the start of one of the communes, a group took the idea of the buffalo providing for the plains people. To this they added New to create a name. The New Buffalo was to be a new way of providing for the people.

•Recently added, a review by NEW MEXICO HISTORICAL REVIEW. Vol 83, Number Timothy Hodgdon, Durham, North Carolina
Read it! (Aug. 5, 2008)
•Review by James H. Overton.

Art Kopecky

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