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June, 2006
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We are not alone. Other's thinking....

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Ideas for the next generation.

Others who are thinking about the peaceful revolution...
Please email us what you have noticed so we can add it to the long list.

June 20 , 2006
Peter Schweitzer, director of Plenty International home based at the Farm at Summertown Tenn., writes "
...if Plenty has a political bias it is this: It doesn't matter whether a person says they're liberal or conservative, red or blue, right wing or left wing. What matters is whether they're honest or dishonest, compassionate or unfeeling, tolerant or intolerant, generous or greedy, violent or peaceful. None of us is purely any one of those....We're here to take care of each other, so let's get on with it." This indeed is the new spirituality.

March, 2006
UC Berkeley conference on communes week of March 20-26, 2006. Prof. Timothy Miller from kansas University will be there, so will I.

If the communities movement is gaining
ground it should be manifesting in Sonoma County. And it is! We have the OAEC (Occidental Arts and Ecology Center) and now a very free, spirited yet well organized group called Green Valley Village is purchasing a fabulous 150 acre pioneer farm with outstanding landscape and buildings (needing repair of course).
"We are co-creating a culture of conscious kinship in which people of all ages live, work, play in harmony with each other and all of Life." Mission statement 10-04.

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We Are Not Alone - Art Kopecky
copyright 2005

     I look for signs that this peaceful revolution, the Aquarian Dawn will still occur, that it is occurring. History is made on many levels.
    There are little things, small portents: yet from little things can grow major changes. For look, this very day in October, Rosa Parks lies in State, honored in the American Capitol Rotunda. Her tiny act of conviction grew a million and a million fold. This portends well for our own hopes that change can be made from our efforts.

Please, friends, add to my list. We would like to hear of what progress we are making.

Added Nov. 18, 2005
*) John Perkins, author of the best selling, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man describes a pretty dismal picture of the US led world economy. Yet he has the outlook of hopeful expectation that I look for. Quoted from the Sun magazine, Sept. ’05:

I have come to believe that we do have an opportunity to reverse our course. …we are currently in a period of great transformation, a time when it is possible to change consciousness. We have the opportunity to honor the earth more, to become more compassionate, more just.
…in my work with corporate executives, I haven’t met any I would call “evil”….They’re stuck in one paradigm of thinking….The only way to create change is to step out of the old way of thinking.….What’s required is a fundamental change in how we view the world and in the values we transmit to our children….we’ll have to get rid of this expectation of excessive profit….I think we’re on the verge of a huge shift in consciousness. People are searching. I started the Dream Change Coalition, a non-profit organization that works with indigenous people around the world to help them preserve their environment…

November 25, 2005

*) The sub-title of Dr. Paul Farmer's book calls him, "a man who would cure the world." Time magazine (11-7-05), highlights the work and lives of a varied group of physicians: individuals who have made it the purpose of their lives to give service and help others. Dr. Paul "America's most celebrated doctor for the poor", built in Haiti a showcase public health system. Now with assistance from the Clinton Foundation and his Partners In Health, he is working in Rwanda.
A similar doctor in China Gui Xien has as a prize possession a plaque that reads: To Gui--a role model for helping people.
Note from Art: The eco-villages too would help the world from the poorer side too. Create the good life for the dispossessed, the seekers, the ones who do not strive for the big personal mansion. Here is an answer to where do all these saved people go, what do they do? How do they enjoy family and at the same time help achieve 0 population growth?

*) New friend Joey Leone, from near Niagara NY, shows the spiritual passion that we will need to muster: "In many ways your book is not only a glimpse into the past, but also a textbook for the future. Many of the present generation, myself included, who are deeply involved with the Intentional Communities movement, Rainbow Gatherings, etc. should be using your book as a stepping-stone in creating their own dreams and visions of community. No, we're not looking to recreate or re-live the '60's. You and the rest of those beautiful Brothers and Sisters already did that for us. We want to nurture the seeds of the values planted during that time and create something beautiful for ourselves, our children and Mother Earth."
From the author: Just a few hundred thousand more like Mr. Joey and there's your revolution which will change the face of the future.

*) New found friend John Shiflet writes, Oct. 31, ’05:

I’d much rather see a traveling caravan of Hippie Buses going around the country showing the advantages of sustainable living, environmental awareness, racial tolerance/humanitarianism, and promoting the cause of Peace. In my mind, the 1960’s were the experimental years, where workable solutions for the ideals embraced by the so-called Counter-culture were developed. Now, four decades later, those ideals are still valid and are more refined and bear the marks of experience and wisdom

Added Nov. 4, 2005
*) I heard an ad on the AM radio – a sweet voice asked what do you wish for? An Italian vacation? a wedding dress? Surprisingly then she listed, “build a school in a third world country.” Here is this cultural, ethical change, taking place. From dreams just for me to generosity toward other people. A bumper sticker on a car reads: Share More-Consume Less.

*) The August ’05 National Geographic carried a story about zip code 65760 and the East Wind 75 member commune on 1000 acres in the Ozarks. “East Wind doesn’t work unless everyone pitches in.” “ East Wind retains a counter cultural allure, attracting a handful of new members each year. They come because they’re sick of life out there—the time sucking commutes, endless bills, and a culture where greasy take-out passes as diner.” “Deborah laments the demise of the counterculture. East Winders, though, keep on going.”

*) The Nation magazine reports a story: Profits for Justice; It’s time to pay for the revolution ourselves. (1-24-05) “What’s truly revolutionary about the Soho café (in NYC) is that last year the business, along with sister thrift shops, provided more than $2 million to its parent non-profit, Housing Works, one of the nation’s largest advocacy groups for homeless people with AIDS.” “What we are about is the business of changing the entire paradigm…a new paradigm based on sustainability and social entrepreneurship.”

*) The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in Sonoma County sets a fabulous example: on 80 acres they create a home and gardens and extremely active center for the intentional community movement. “Do you dream of establishing a land-based intentional community or education center? This course is designed to help you activate that dream.”
“…seeking innovative and practical approaches to the pressing environmental and economic crisis of our day.” “…addresses the challenges of creating democratic communities….” “The members of Sowing Circle reside on the property, sharing the responsibilities of communal life.” “…dedicated to a …culture of right livelihood – one that helps reverse current social and economic patterns that create hyper-individualism, consumerism and alienation from nature.”

*) Ditto for the FARM In TENNESSEE, now in it’s fifth decade! They are incredible. They are the forefront. Albert Bates, one of the directors writes, “It is on the shoulders of the ecovillage pioneers that the dreams we all have now rest – for peace, security, prosperity, family, and happiness into the coming generations of our children – whether they, or we, recognize it yet.”

*) The Communities Magazine and its tireless editor Diana Leafe Christian provide the invaluable service of showcasing the many communities, their triumphs and problems. They deal with all the issues of cooperation, decision making, finances, and who is doing what. This movement is small but it is very sophisticated and dealing with all the nitty gritty aspects necessary for success.” “…the ecovillage movement is too wide-reaching and experimental to fit some tidy model….We stand at the junction between two millennia…. The next one, still a mystery, must be more conscientious and humane or we won’t survive.” (Spring ’03)

*) The irrepressible and so spirited Embersglo of the Morningstar family writes in October ’05. “we have all been living in bad times separated from the Love and Peace we were feeling in the sixties. But the times are indeed changin’, and once again I feel back on the journey of Love and Truth, connected to the Earth and the People….”
“As to my dad, and my society, and Mr. Bush and all his cronies, the way to love is not through anger or fear. And if we love the world, and humanity, we need to love them too. That’s the hardest part, being all that is going on, but our anger helps to increase their anger. We need to try to understand that they are just poor humans….”

From the Author Art: This is such an important aspect of this revolution. Humans so love to hate, are so quick to anger. The Aquarian spirit is as revolutionary for the progressive segment as for any other. That spirit doesn’t look to accuse anyone. It finds good works to perform. It doesn’t look for blame but for common ground, which we have in abundance.
When the Pride family traveled the US in our converted Wonder bread truck, the police would stop us often, usually they were just curious. Pepe would always greet them, “hello brother”, and he meant it. He had only recently been as straight as any of them. Our revolution is extremely friendly.
    This is so important. The action we want is buying land, easing people’s burdens, getting ready for harder, but in some ways, better, times. This helps America, makes democracy stronger, adds to everyone’s freedom, and gives a hopeful approach to all our dilemmas.
     The American public craves unity. We face huge problems and don’t need an in-house fight. Count our blessings; build on the freedom, democracy and prosperity we have. Embrace this energy and then the movement can blossom.

*) Sky Blue, member of the Twin Oaks community in Virginia, writes (Fall ’02), “I find myself utterly committed, as stated in the community’s Statement of Purpose, to perpetuate and expand a society based on cooperation, sharing, and equality.” “I want to share my experience of community with the world: I want to insert the new and improved version of “communes” into mainstream consciousness.”

*) These next words are from the Association for the Creative Endeavor (ACE), the sponsor of the Sonoma County Harmony Festival and many other events: “Transformation is the central principal…a dramatic improvement from our current thinking, feeling, behavior and results….to ensure the success of our communities and humanity as a whole.” “…we are inspired to work toward achieving a sustainable world that recognizes our interconnectedness.” “We honor all spiritual paths and traditions, and recognize the value of spiritual endeavor….” “We aim to transcend the dominant mass media that currently permeates our culture…and to offer…alternative world views.” “ We believe in transforming the world through commitment and hard work, we also believe in transforming the world through celebration.”

*) These uplifting ideas come across on the radio sometimes. It is outstanding that dear departed John Lennon still speaks to us in his song Imagine which is one of the most played songs of all times. Also George Harrison sings to us, “when not so many people can see we’re all the same.” “they can but hardly see, that the beauty that surrounds us all belongs to you and me.”
     Singer Ben Harper shocked me with the message in this song; “I can change the world, with my own two hands. make a better place, with my own two hands, make a kinder place. I can make peace on earth with my own two hands, I can clean up the earth, I can reach out to you. I’m gonna make it a brighter place, I’m gonna make it a safer place, I’m gonna help the human race.”
     The Author adds: There’s our theme song. To make sentiment into reality; share property. The eco-villages provide a means of sharing nature and the country life without destroying it. All the land shouldn’t be divided up into personal lots leaving the mass of poor and journeying soul types no nice place to visit and live. Here is where you introduce the share the wealth ethic to further develop our democracy.

*) I must mention the many Christian organizations, like the Salvation Army, or Redwood Gospel Mission, or Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. This New Age group must match them for outreach and devotion. Then we'll have a movement. The eco-villages are indeed the live-in church of the progressives.

*) Not to forget: The core fifteen acres of New Buffalo with the central buildings is going through a revival and remodeling with the help of the good doctor Bob Fies, who is a deep believer in the importance of the Aquarian Dawn and its practical application.
This is a work in progress.

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