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Journals from a Taos Commune....New Buffalo, Journals from a Taos Commune

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Art Kopecky, current photo

Art combines careers in dairy and construction, a decade of communal living and a study of history for a unique and hopeful outlook. 

Peter Coyote says in his forward to NEW BUFFALO,

"You will be reminded of what is still necessary to do and the only manner in which I can conceive of it being done. What Arty AnSwei was looking at thirty years ago, has now accumulated into some monumental challenges. If our ideals – our intellect and spirit –are to be equal to the need,  then this would be the time for a hopeful movement to arise. Not an angry phenomenon, but joyous: One that addresses freedom, development, population, spirituality, service, and the sharing of wealth. Now that’s  a mouthful! "

Born in NYC in 1944, Art has lived on both coasts and in the Midwest. He has traveled extensively in Europe, studied Chinese language, and has looked at clouds from both sides now.

Look back with Arty as his journals capture that “Woodstock spirit” and look forward to imagine a better future.

Art engages his audience with stories and songs from the days at New Buffalo. He takes history and weaves it into the present, working still to achieve the vision of a society where joy, health and happiness happens through work, sharing and less materialism

Where has he spoken?

New College Santa Rosa Ca.
Copperfield Books, Sebastopol Ca.
Reader's Books City of Sonoma, Ca.,
Zebulon Lounge, Petaluma, Ca.
KRSH radio with Doug Smith, Santa Rosa
KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe
Moby Dickens Books, Taos
Garcia St. Books, Santa Fe,
Bound to be Read Albuq.
Maria's Books, Durango,
KRZA, Alamosa,
KTAO, Taos,
Santa Rosa Junior College, Jill Kelly-Moore classes
WRVC W. Virginia,
CKLW Canada,
WGAU, Georgia,
KAAA-KZZZ, Arizona,
KDXU Salt Lake,
KAUS Austin, Minn.
KOTO, Teluride Co.
Thom Carnevale, (One hour tape recording available)

Art Kopecky

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